powerful heavy duty shop vacuum

Looking for a powerful solution to conquer your messy workshop or garage? The Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 is your ultimate cleaning companion.

With its exceptional motor power of 6.5 Peak HP and a generous 16-gallon capacity, this heavy-duty shop vacuum will effortlessly handle any cleaning challenge that comes your way.

But wait, there's more! This vacuum also boasts convenient features like a built-in blower port for outdoor cleaning, an oversized drain for easy liquid emptying, and dual-flex technology for maximum maneuverability.

Plus, it comes with all the necessary accessories and a 3-year warranty.

Don't settle for subpar tools any longer. Embrace liberation and upgrade to the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 for a cleaning experience like never before.

Key Takeaways

  • The Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 has impressive suction power with a 6.5 Peak HP motor.
  • It has a large 16-gallon capacity, making it suitable for cleaning large areas without frequent emptying.
  • The vacuum features a built-in blower port for convenient outdoor cleaning tasks.
  • The Dual-Flex technology allows for flexible hose movement, making it easy to reach hard-to-reach areas.

Powerful Heavy-Duty Shop Vacuum

If you need a powerful heavy-duty shop vacuum, the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 is an excellent choice. With its 6.5 Peak HP motor power and 16-gallon capacity, this vacuum can handle even the toughest cleaning tasks.

The dual-flex technology allows for flexible hose movement, making it easier to reach those hard-to-reach areas. When compared to other shop vacuums, the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 stands out with its longevity and durability.

The built-in blower port is a convenient feature for outdoor cleaning, and the oversized drain ensures easy emptying of liquids. The included accessories, such as the hose, extension wands, nozzles, filter, and dust collection bag, provide added convenience.

Detailed Features

When considering the detailed features of the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595, it is important to note the various functions and capabilities it offers. This powerful heavy-duty shop vacuum is designed to meet your cleaning needs with exceptional performance and versatility. Here is a comparison table to highlight its key features:

Features Craftsman CMXEVBE17595
Motor Power 6.5 Peak HP
Capacity 16 Gallons
Built-in Blower Port Yes
Dual-Flex Technology Yes
Accessories Included Hose, Extension Wands, Nozzles, Filter, Dust Collection Bag
Warranty 3 Years

The Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 stands out in its performance comparison, providing powerful suction to handle various types of debris. Its versatility and adaptability are enhanced by features like the built-in blower port for outdoor cleaning and the Dual-Flex technology for flexible hose movement. With its large capacity and accessories included, this shop vacuum offers convenience and efficiency for all your cleaning tasks.

Pros and Cons

Now let's explore the pros and cons of the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595, the powerful heavy-duty shop vacuum.

One of the main pros of this vacuum is its impressive suction power. With a 6.5 Peak HP motor, it's capable of handling various types of debris with ease.

Additionally, it comes with a 16-gallon capacity, which means you can clean large areas without constantly emptying the tank. The built-in blower port is also a useful feature for outdoor cleaning tasks.

On the downside, some users have reported that the vacuum can be quite noisy, with a noise level of 69 dB. Another potential con is the weight of the vacuum, which may be a bit heavy for some users.

Concluding Thoughts

As you consider your purchase of the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595, a powerful heavy-duty shop vacuum, it's important to reflect on its overall performance and suitability for your specific needs.

The Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 has received high overall customer satisfaction, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 10,000 ratings. Customers have praised its strong suction power and ability to handle various types of debris.

The included dust bag has also been commended for its effectiveness in protecting the filter. When compared to other shop vacuums, the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 stands out for its durable build and high-quality construction.

Its 16-gallon capacity and 6.5 Peak HP motor power make it suitable for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. With a 3-year warranty and positive feedback from satisfied customers, the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 is a reliable choice for those in need of a powerful shop vacuum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Loud Is the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 Shop Vacuum During Operation?

The Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 shop vacuum operates at a noise level of 69 dB, making it suitable for indoor use without causing excessive disturbance.

This specific model is designed to provide powerful suction for heavy-duty cleaning tasks in workshops or garages.

Its noise level is relatively low compared to other shop vacuums, allowing you to comfortably use it without disturbing others in your environment.

Can the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 Shop Vacuum Be Used for Indoor Cleaning as Well?

For indoor cleaning with the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 shop vacuum, there are suitable alternatives. You can attach the appropriate nozzle or brush accessory to effectively clean different surfaces like carpets, floors, and upholstery.

To maximize cleaning efficiency, ensure the hose is securely connected and the filter is clean. Move the vacuum in a slow and steady motion to pick up dirt and debris effectively.

Remember to empty the canister regularly and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance.

Are There Any Additional Accessories or Attachments Available for the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 Shop Vacuum?

Yes, there are additional accessories and attachments available for the shop vacuum. These add-ons enhance the versatility and cleaning capabilities of the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595.

You can find attachments like brush nozzles for cleaning upholstery, crevice tools for narrow spaces, and extension wands for reaching high areas.

With these accessories, you can tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks both indoors and outdoors, making the shop vacuum even more useful and efficient for your needs.

Is the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 Shop Vacuum Compatible With Other Craftsman Power Tools?

Yes, the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 shop vacuum is compatible with other Craftsman power tools.

This allows you to easily connect the vacuum to your power tools for efficient dust collection while you work.

The vacuum comes with a variety of accessories and attachments, including extension wands and nozzles, that can be used with both the vacuum and the power tools.

This compatibility enhances the versatility and functionality of the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 shop vacuum.

Does the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 Shop Vacuum Require Any Special Maintenance or Care?

Maintenance tips and care instructions for the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 shop vacuum include:

  • Regular cleaning of the filter
  • Emptying the dust collection bag
  • Inspecting the hose and attachments for any clogs or damage

To ensure optimal performance, it is important to follow these steps. Additionally, it is recommended to store the vacuum in a dry and clean area to keep it in top shape. These simple steps will help prolong the life of your vacuum and ensure it continues to provide powerful suction for all your cleaning needs.


Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595. This heavy-duty shop vacuum combines power and convenience, making it the ideal tool for tackling tough messes in your workshop or garage.

With its 6.5 Peak HP motor and 16-gallon capacity, it has the suction power and capacity to handle any cleaning task.

Its range of features, such as the built-in blower port and dual-flex technology, make cleaning easier and more efficient.

Don't settle for subpar tools – choose the Craftsman CMXEVBE17595 and experience the difference.